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CCTV in Hampshire

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Tailored for homes and businesses, our cutting-edge systems provide 24/7 surveillance, deterring threats and ensuring premium protection for your property.

Looking for premium CCTV in Hampshire?

The system, using cameras, wiring, storage, and monitors, boosts security for businesses, especially those with valuable assets. It alerts to activity, aids in identifying criminals, and acts as a deterrent. CCTV in Hampshire works by capturing images transmitted to recording devices and display monitors.

There are wired and wireless systems with various camera types, such as night vision and thermal imaging.

How does CCTV improve business security?

CCTV improves business security by providing constant surveillance, deterring potential threats, aiding in criminal identification, and offering real-time monitoring. It safeguards assets and personnel, contributing to a secure working environment.

What role does night vision play in CCTV systems?

Night vision in CCTV systems uses infrared technology, enabling cameras to capture clear footage in low-light or complete darkness. This feature is crucial for 24/7 surveillance, ensuring continuous security even in challenging lighting conditions.

Can CCTV systems be integrated with access control?

Yes, CCTV systems can be integrated with access control systems for comprehensive security. This integration allows for synchronised monitoring and access management, enhancing overall safety measures for businesses and facilities.

Employee Safety

CCTV cameras contribute to a safer workplace by monitoring high-risk areas and promoting adherence to safety protocols, ensuring the well-being of employees and reducing accidents.

Preventing Internal Theft

CCTV surveillance acts as a deterrent to internal theft, discouraging dishonest practices among employees and protecting your inventory and assets from unauthorised access or pilferage.

Crime Deterrence

CCTV cameras serve as a powerful deterrent to criminal activities. The presence of surveillance systems discourages potential criminals, minimising the risk of break-ins, vandalism, and other unlawful activities on your premises.

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Looking at commercial security?

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Questions we get asked

Explore common queries about our CCTV solutions. From camera types to system integration, get insights into optimising security for your space.

What is the difference between analogue and IP CCTV cameras?

Analogue cameras transmit video signals over coaxial cables, while IP cameras use digital signals over Ethernet networks. IP cameras offer higher resolution and advanced features.

Can CCTV cameras work in low-light conditions?

Yes, many CCTV cameras are equipped with infrared (IR) technology for night vision. This allows them to capture clear footage even in low-light or complete darkness.

How does motion detection work in CCTV cameras?

Motion detection in CCTV cameras relies on pixel changes in the video feed. When significant changes occur, the camera triggers an alert or recording, enhancing surveillance efficiency.

What role does resolution play in CCTV camera quality?

Resolution determines the clarity of the footage. Higher-resolution cameras capture more details, essential for facial recognition and identifying objects. Opt for a resolution that suits your specific surveillance needs.