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Fibre Cable

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Fibre Optic Solutions

Known as “ Structured Cabling & Data systems”

Data cables are key to business IT infrastructure and are always evolving to allow for greater speeds to ensure your business is running efficiently and you are receiving the best connection speeds wherever you are. 

Fibre optic cabling provides the best option for fast data transmission, where there is the need to transmit and receive, huge amount of data in real time.

Fibre optics also allows for communications to be transmitted with pristine efficiency over greater distances and in the case of Network CCTV systems, where distance can be a stumbling block. A Fibre infrastructure can overcome this and allow for expansion.

Future Tech Security - Network Cabling

Cabling Surveys Are Free of Charge - Call To Book

Benefits of Fibre Cabling

We can provide a survey and advice on the best course to take if fibre is option required to see your or any project to the end. So whether you are looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure or design new, FutureTech can create a versatile, cost effective system to fit your company’s needs.

Faster Speeds

Greater Bandwidth

Increased Reliability

Lower Maintenance Costs

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