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electric gates in Hampshire

Explore high-quality security with Future Tech Security Solutions, your source for electric gates in Hampshire. Our gates ensure privacy, enhance property value, and provide a touch-of-a-button security solution. Get a quote now for a reliable, convenient, and efficient security upgrade.

Premium electric gates in hampshire

Effortlessly control our electric gates via an app, eliminating manual labour for access. Whether in your vehicle or miles away, open or close the gate at your fingertips. This modern access enhances convenience and overall security.

Prioritising safety, our electric gates feature sensors detecting nearby objects. Automatic reversal upon detecting obstacles prevents accidents, ensuring family safety, especially for children.

Trust in the longevity and security benefits of our electric gates with minimal maintenance. Investing in electric gates in Hampshire means reliable protection and added convenience for lasting peace of mind.

How Wide Can My Gate Be?

Your gate can be surprisingly wide. Check with local planning authorities in certain circumstances. For swing gates, consider design, weight, and potential stress on the frame. Our aluminium gates, lighter and stronger than wood, offer versatility. Gates beyond 4-5 meters may benefit from a slider design, combining aesthetics with practicality.

What If My Drive Slopes?

Sloping driveways pose challenges, but we have solutions. Contact us to explore options before dismissing the idea. We have experience addressing various slope scenarios.

Do Strong Winds Affect the Gates?

Thoughtful design and operation ensure gates withstand strong winds. While tall, close-boarded swing gates may pose challenges, our aluminium gates are robust, providing excellent resistance to torsional loadings. Consider open-barred designs for windy exposed positions.

If you want to find out more, speak to an expert today at 01634 940700 or email us at



Your privacy is our priority. Our gates serve as a physical barrier, blocking visual access to your property from passersby, and ensuring complete seclusion.


Effortlessly secure your property through our app or remote control. A simple touch of a button grants instant control, ensuring immediate protection for your premises.


Avoid exiting your vehicle to open the gate. Operate it conveniently from inside your car for a quick and hassle-free entry experience.

visually appealing

They not only provide robust strength but also improve the visual look of your property.

House Value

An automatic gate is more than a security feature; it’s an investment that can increase your property’s value over time.

Lower Premiums

Enhancing your home’s security could result in potential rewards from insurers, who recognising your proactive steps to protect your property.

secure Your Space Today!

Upgrade your property’s protection with our electric gates in Hampshire.

Contact us for a tailored solution, that ensures reliable security and peace of mind. Elevate your safety now.

Secure your businesses with electric gates in hampshire

Looking for an efficient, secure solution for your business in Hampshire?

Electric gates provide this and more. Safeguard your premises without compromising time or resources. Manage visitors effortlessly and ensure safety with confidence.


Leveraging over two decades in security systems, we tailor packages to meet your needs. Count on our expertise for personalised security solutions.

CRB Checked

Our CRB-checked team is highly qualified with decades of industry experience. Rely on our skilled professionals for all your security needs.


Providing top-tier security solutions, we prioritise the safety of your family and assets. Our services cater to the security needs of both homes and workplaces.

Our Working Locations For Gate Automation

Situated in Kent, we extend our services across an 80-mile radius, working in most of South East England.

Our coverage includes areas such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Our Working Locations

Based in Kent, we work to an 80-mile radius around Kent. We will cover most of South East England. 

Locations such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Our FAQs

Find out more about our electric gates in Hampshire through FAQs. 

Find answers for informed decisions.

How wide can electric gates be, and what factors influence the size?

Electric gates can span considerable widths, exceeding 10 meters. Factors like gate design, weight, and local planning considerations affect the ideal size. It’s essential to check with local planning authorities for compliance.

Can existing gates be retrofitted with an electric system, and what criteria must be met?

Yes, existing gates can be automated. Criteria for suitability include gate condition, construction type, material, clearances, hinges, slopes, and proximity to the highway. A thorough site inspection is crucial to determine feasibility.

How does the slope of my driveway impact the installation of electric gates?

Sloping driveways pose challenges, but solutions exist. We assess various scenarios and provide tailored recommendations. Contact us to explore options before dismissing the idea.

Are electric gates vulnerable to strong winds, and how does design impact their resistance?

Thoughtful design mitigates vulnerability to strong winds. While tall, close-boarded gates may pose challenges, our aluminium gates are robust, offering excellent resistance to torsional loadings. Open-barred designs are recommended for windy exposed positions.

What types of maintenance plans are available for electric gates, and how do they contribute to long-term reliability?

We offer tailored maintenance plans based on system type and usage. Regular servicing, adherence to operational guidelines, and proactive maintenance contribute to sustained reliability. Choose a contract or receive annual reminders for optimal gate system performance.

Your Security Starts Here!

Contact us today for bespoke electric gates in Hampshire.

Whether you have a business you want to secure or a house your looking to make safer. Improve your property’s protection with Future Tech Security Solutions.

Your safety is our priority.