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electric gates in Chelmsford

Experience a new level of security and convenience with electric gates in Chelmsford.

Our advanced solutions prioritise safety and style, ensuring unparalleled protection for your property.

Premium electric gates in Chelmsford

Effortlessly control our electric gates in Chelmsford through a user-friendly app, eliminating the need for manual operation. Whether in nearby or from a distance, easily open or close the gate. This modernised access improves overall security and convenience.

Emphasising safety, our electric gates in Chelmsford are equipped with sensors that detect nearby objects. Automatic reversal upon detecting obstacles ensures accident prevention, prioritising the safety of your family, especially children.

Minimal maintenance is a testament to the reliability of our electric gates in Chelmsford. Rely on their durability and security advantages, providing long-term security comfort. Investing in electric gates goes beyond reliable protection, offering enhanced convenience in the Chelmsford area.

How Can I Operate the Gates?

There are several ways to command the gate to open, with remote controls being the most popular. Other options include coded entry keypads, video/audio entry, proximity readers, and free entry/exit loops. Our surveyor will explain each method, allowing you to choose the most suitable for your needs. All command methods can be retrofitted if you decide to change access methods in the future.

What Ensures Gate Safety While Driving In or Out?

We integrate various safety devices into our gates to protect pedestrians and vehicles entering or exiting. Safety photocells and loops prevent the gates from closing onto a car within the detection area, while safety edges stop and reverse the gate upon detecting an obstacle. Our engineers will provide a comprehensive explanation during the handover, highlighting the detection areas.

Is Gate Servicing Necessary?

Yes, like any automated system, gates require regular servicing to maintain performance, safety, and reliability, ensuring an extended lifespan. Opting for a maintenance contract is an effective way to guarantee regular service, with contract customers receiving priority service for minimal disruption and swift repairs in case of failure.

If you want to find out more, speak to a professional today at 01634 940700 or email us at info@futuretechsecurity.co.uk.


We value your privacy, utilising our gates as a robust physical barrier to block any visual access to your property from individuals passing by.


Secure your property effortlessly using our intuitive app or remote control. A straightforward touch of a button grants immediate control over the security of your premises.


Eliminate the necessity to exit your vehicle for gate access. Manage it from within your car, ensuring quick and convenient entry.

visually appealing

Our gates not only deliver strong security but also enhance the visual appeal of your property. 

House Value

An automated gate is not just a security feature; it’s a valuable investment that can enhance the overall value of your property.

Lower Premiums

Strengthening your home’s security may lead to potential rewards from insurers, acknowledging your measures to safeguard your property.

Are you looking for electric gates in Chelmsford?

Secure your property effortlessly with our premium electric gates in Chelmsford.

Whether inside your vehicle or miles away, control access with ease, ensuring enhanced convenience and security for your premises.

Looking for business security?

Enjoy improved protection, streamlined operations, and a modern image. Automated access minimises manual efforts, offering convenience and control. Tailor access permissions and project a secure, professional environment.

Invest in electric gates for heightened business efficiency and safety.

electric gates in Chelmsford

Our Working Locations For Gate Automation

Situated in Kent, we extend our services across an 80-mile radius, working in most of South East England.

Our coverage includes areas such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Our Working Locations

Based in Kent, we work to an 80-mile radius around Kent. We will cover most of South East England. 

Locations such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Frequently asked questions

Explore common queries about our electric gates, covering everything from operation and safety features to maintenance. Gain insights into the functionality and benefits of our cutting-edge gate solutions.

How do I operate my electric gates, and what options are available?

Choose from app control, remote access, coded keypads, and more. Our surveyor guides you through options for user-friendly gate management.

What safety features are implemented in your electric gates?

Our gates prioritise safety, with sensors detecting obstacles, automatic reversal, and safety edges. Our engineers provide hands-on explanations during the handover process.

Is regular maintenance necessary for electric gates?

Like any automated system, regular servicing ensures optimal performance and longevity. Explore our maintenance contract for hassle-free, prioritised services and longevity.

Can I retrofit additional control methods to my existing electric gates?

Absolutely. If your access needs change, our team can retrofit new control methods, adapting to your evolving preferences without disrupting the system.

What privacy measures do your electric gates offer?

Our gates act as a robust visual barrier, safeguarding your property’s privacy by preventing onlookers from accessing or observing the premises.