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electric gates in Canterbury

Transform the way you secure your property with Electric Gates in Canterbury. Effortlessly controlled through an app or remote, our gates provide unmatched security, convenience, and a touch of modern luxury.

Bespoke electric gates in Canterbury

Simplify access control with our user-friendly app, effortlessly managing automated gates in Canterbury. Whether nearby or miles away, the power to operate the gate is at your fingertips. Our modern approach enhances security and convenience for an elevated living experience.

Safety is paramount with our automated gates, featuring sensors that detect nearby objects. Automatic reversal upon detecting obstacles ensures accident prevention, prioritising your family’s safety, particularly children.

Rely on the longevity and security advantages of our automated gates, requiring minimal maintenance. Investing in gate automation in Canterbury ensures enduring protection and heightened convenience for long-term peace of mind.

How do automated gates enhance security?

Automated gates provide an additional layer of security by allowing precise control over access. Equipped with advanced technology, these gates deter unauthorised entry and contribute to a safer environment.

What maintenance is required for automated gates?

Automated gates typically require minimal maintenance. Regular inspections for wear and tear, lubrication of moving parts, and ensuring the proper functioning of electronic components are essential for optimal performance and longevity.

Can automated gates be integrated with existing security systems?

Yes, automated gates are designed to integrate with existing security systems. They can be linked to CCTV cameras, intercoms, and access control systems, providing a premium security solution for residential and commercial properties.


Our gates serve as a sturdy barrier, ensuring complete privacy by blocking visibility from observers and those passing by.


Secure your property instantly with our app or remote control, guaranteeing prompt protection.


Easily open the gate from your vehicle, ensuring fast and trouble-free entry.

visually appealing

They not only provide strong qualities but also increase the visual appeal of your property.

House Value

An automated gate isn’t merely a security feature; it’s a lasting investment that can enhance your property’s value over time.

Lower Premiums

Enhance home security to gain potential recognition from insurers, potentially leading to valuable rewards.

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Improve commercial security with our bespoke electric gates in Canterbury. Our package includes bespoke gate design, professional installation, advanced access control integration, and ongoing maintenance for optimal performance and longevity.

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Our Working Locations For Gate Automation

Situated in Kent, we extend our services across an 80-mile radius, working in most of South East England.

Our coverage includes areas such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Our Working Locations

Based in Kent, we work to an 80-mile radius around Kent. We will cover most of South East England. 

Locations such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Questions we get asked

Explore insights into our automated gate services.

Discover answers to common queries, ensuring a thorough understanding of the benefits, functionality, and customisation options available for your property’s security.

How do automated gates enhance security?

Automated gates act as a robust deterrent, restricting unauthorised access. Integrated with access control systems, they provide a layered security approach, enhancing protection for your property.

What maintenance is required for automated gates?

Automated gates typically require minimal maintenance. Regular checks on components like motors, hinges, and sensors ensure optimal functionality. Professional inspections can identify and address potential issues proactively, ensuring reliable performance.

Can automated gates be customised for specific needs?

Yes, automated gates offer customisation options. Tailor design, access controls, and automation features to specific requirements. From aesthetic preferences to functionality, customisation ensures the gate aligns with your unique needs.

How do automated gates contribute to property value?

Automated gates enhance curb appeal, adding a touch of sophistication. The security they provide adds intrinsic value. Potential buyers appreciate the added safety and convenience, making the property more attractive in the market.

Are automated gates suitable for commercial properties?

Absolutely, automated gates are ideal for commercial properties. They provide controlled access, enhance security, and offer a professional image. Integration with access control systems makes them suitable for businesses of all sizes.