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CCTV in Rochester

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CCTV in Rochester

Futuretech Security Solutions are the number one CCTV installer in Rochester and the surrounding areas. We will work with you to find a solution which is within your budget and the most suitable for your needs.

All of our CCTV systems can be fully integrated with our other security solutions and we work in both a commercial and domestic environment. Our most popular CCTV system can be viewed on your smartphone, giving you peace of mind even when you’re away.

For more information about CCTV in Rochester and the surrounding areas, call 01634 940700.

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Benefits of CCTV in Rochester

  • Increased security: CCTV provides 24/7 surveillance and helps prevent security breaches, increasing the overall security of the property and the community.

  • Deterrent to criminal activity: The presence of CCTV cameras acts as a deterrent to criminal activity, reducing incidents in the area.

  • Remote monitoring and access: Users can access live footage of their premises from anywhere with an internet connection, providing peace of mind and allowing for prompt response to security incidents.

  • Evidence for legal proceedings: Footage captured by CCTV cameras can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, helping to bring perpetrators to justice.

Why Choose Futuretech Security Solutions?

With over 20 years of experience, our team of friendly and professional security consultants will work with you and your budget to find a security solution right for your premises. We are experts in CCTV installation in Rochester and always ensure there are minimal blind spots for complete security.

  • Expert installation and maintenance options available
  • Comprehensive security packages for commercial and domestic properties
  • Quality, reliable brands that include manufacturers warranty

Get in touch with one of our CCTV consultants today to see how we could help with your monitoring solutions in Rochester and the surrounding areas.


We'll evaluate the best options for a comprehensive CCTV and security system

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Alarm Systems in Rochester

Our alarm systems fully integrate with our other security solutions including CCTV. Alarms can be an amazing deterrent and we offer a selection of simple, monitored or key box alarms which will be fully installed for your convenience. Our team members will then show you how to use all of the alarm features to ensure your building is fully protected.

For more information on CCTV in Rochester, installation and alarm systems use our contact form or call us on 01634 940700.

Our Services

High-quality surveillance cameras with advanced monitoring technology.

Streamlined security systems with automated control and monitoring systems on place.

Reliable and effective intrusion detection with quick response options.

High-speed, secure, and flexible fiber optic communication solutions.

Restrict entry with secure and customisable access control systems.

Expert advice on security solutions tailored to your needs.

Areas We Cover

Futuretech Security serves the South of England from our office in Kent. Our coverage extends up to 100 miles, depending on the size and complexity of the requirement. Some of the areas we cover for CCTV Installations are:

If you don’t see your location listed we recommend getting in touch for further information on whether we can travel to you on 

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About Rochester & the Local Area

Rochester is a large town in Kent and is home to a number of famous cathedrals and castles. With plenty of historic buildings to explore and some beautiful places to stay in the local area, it’s a great town to visit for an activity-packed weekend with the family.

Get In Touch

At Futuretech Security Solutions, we believe in providing our clients with the highest level of security solutions and customer service.

For more information about CCTV in Rochester, contact Futuretech Security Solutions. Call us today on 01634 940700 Alternatively, you can enquire using our contact form and we will be in touch.