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CCTV in Reading

Improve your security with our expert CCTV in Reading.

Our state-of-the-art solutions ensure premium surveillance, providing constant protection for your property. Discover peace of mind with Future Tech Security Solutions.

High-quality CCTV in Reading

Worried about your property’s safety when you’re away?

A dependable CCTV system provides comfort knowing your property is safe. Secure your possessions, surroundings, and well-being. Rely on Future Tech Security for expert CCTV in Reading.

CCTV provides constant surveillance, deterring intruders and ensuring the safety of your property. High-resolution cameras capture detailed footage, facilitating identification. Remote access allows real-time monitoring and playback.

How does remote CCTV monitoring function?

Following standard CCTV installation, the system transmits footage via the internet to a remote monitoring station, also known as an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When triggered, an event is logged and sent to the monitoring station. If a threat or crime is evident, the key holder is promptly notified for appropriate action.

What advantages do monitored CCTV systems offer?

Monitored CCTV systems present various benefits. Initially, they act as a powerful deterrent, markedly decreasing criminal incidents like vandalism and unauthorised entries. Additionally, they demonstrate cost-effectiveness, serving as a practical substitute for on-site security personnel and potentially reducing costs by up to 95%.

Monitor staff safety & performance

Operate your CCTV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Deter Burglars & Intruders

Seeing your CCTV will stop burglars in their tracks.

Visibility Of valuable Assets

Keep an eye on what is most valuable to you, at all times.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies reward you for being more careful.

Camera Footage For Evidence

Use your footage as evidence to prosecute an intruder. 

Improve Your mind comfort

Relax knowing you can check on your property at any time.

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How your business can benefit

Experiencing security challenges in Reading?

Home and business owners worldwide face the need for premium monitoring. Our CCTV in Reading offers robust protection. Trust Future Tech Security Solutions for expert solutions.

CCTV in Reading

Our FAQs

Explore essential information about our CCTV services through FAQs. Discover details on recording during a power failure, the lifespan of cameras, coverage areas, viewing modes, and functionality in low-light environments.

What is the recording duration?

Recording duration is influenced by factors such as image resolution, FPS, hard disk space, and recording settings. For instance, with 4 cameras on a 2TB HDD, you can expect 3-5 weeks of recording at 12 FPS and 1080P resolution with motion recording.

What is the camera's coverage area?

The coverage area is determined by the chosen lens size. A 2.8mm lens offers a wide 120-degree coverage, while a 12mm lens provides a narrower 25-degree angle. A Variable-focal lens allows angle adjustment based on specific needs.

What is the typical lifespan of CCTV cameras?

CCTV cameras generally have a lifespan of 3-5 years. Consider upgrading after 3 years to maintain pristine image quality for effective post-event investigation.

What viewing modes are available for CCTV cameras?

View locally via a plug-in monitor or remotely through smart devices or PCs. Our systems support iOS and Android operating systems for user convenience.

Can the camera function in low-light environments?

Yes, all our cameras feature night vision capabilities. When the camera detects darkness, the night vision mode activates, allowing users to view the area even in complete darkness.

Looking for premium cctv services?

Secure your property with our advanced Intruder Alarm Systems.

See how we can help further your security whether it is for your home or business offices.