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CCTV in Hastings

Whether safeguarding your home or business, our advanced CCTV in Hastings provides 24/7 surveillance. Deter threats with high-resolution cameras, capturing detailed footage for identification.

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We offer bespoke CCTV in Hastings

Upgrade your security with our premium CCTV in Hastings.

Whether protecting your residence or business, our state-of-the-art systems provide 24/7 surveillance. Deter potential threats with high-resolution cameras, capturing detailed footage for easy identification. Real-time monitoring and playback through remote access offer valuable insights.

Trust Future Tech for advanced surveillance tailored to your residential or business needs in Hastings.

What factors determine the ideal CCTV system for my business?

The selection process considers your premises’ layout, specific security needs, environmental conditions, and budget constraints. Our experts conduct thorough assessments to recommend a tailored solution.

Can CCTV systems integrate with existing security measures?

Yes, our CCTV systems are designed for integration with various security components, such as access control and intruder alarms. This ensures a comprehensive security infrastructure that works cohesively to protect your property.

How does remote monitoring enhance security?

Remote access allows real-time monitoring of your property, enabling immediate responses to potential threats. Our advanced systems provide alerts, live feeds, and playback options, empowering you to manage and assess security from anywhere, and enhancing overall surveillance effectiveness.


A preferred choice for security solutions, many clients turn to us for their security needs, including intruder alarm systems and gate automation, addressing all aspects of security.


Proficient in overseeing multiple locations, we’ve catered to various corporate and institutional clients. Our proficiency extends to complete security solutions, intruder alarm systems and gate automation.


Choose FutureTech for a solution to protect what matters most – whether it’s your home, office, or industrial and commercial spaces. Our customised CCTV in Hastings ensures 24/7 monitoring and recording for enhanced security.


With over 15 years of diverse experience in security and alarm systems, we collaborate with you to craft a package that precisely suits your requirements.

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Business Safety with CCTV, Access Control, and Intruder Alarms

Explore our cutting-edge CCTV in Hastings, access control, and intruder alarm solutions. Improve employee safety, protect assets, and optimise operations with our customised systems.

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Common questions we get asked

From installation to integration, get detailed answers to common questions about our cutting-edge security solutions for businesses.

Can I integrate CCTV with existing security systems?

Our CCTV solutions integrate with access control and alarms, creating a unified security network. Our experts ensure a cohesive system for comprehensive property protection.

How does remote access to CCTV work?

With secure remote access, you can view live footage, and playback recordings, and adjust settings from anywhere. Our user-friendly interface ensures easy monitoring and control for enhanced convenience.

What maintenance is required for CCTV systems?

Regular maintenance involves checking camera functionality, ensuring optimal recording quality, and updating software. Our service plans prioritise system health, providing peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Do your CCTV systems comply with privacy regulations?

Yes, our CCTV systems adhere to privacy guidelines. We implement features like motion detection and privacy masking to respect individual privacy while maintaining effective surveillance for heightened security.