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Future Tech Security Solutions

CCTV Canterbury

With over 20 years of experience installing high-standard CCTV Canterbury, FutureTech Security Solutions is here to help you properly secure your property. 

Monitor staff safety & performance

Protect your home and business with 24/7 CCTV.

Deter Burglars & Intruders

Seeing your security system will stop burglars immediately.

Visibility Of Important Assets

Watch over your most valuable items and assets.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Be rewarded by your insurance for being vigilant.

Camera Footage For Evidence

Footage can be used as evidence in court.

Improve Your Peace Of Mind

Relax knowing you can check on your property at any time.

Looking for CCTV Canterbury? We Can Help!

Professional CCTV Canterbury

Do you feel like your home, business or property isn’t secure enough? Are you looking for ways to keep it safe? Having a CCTV system installed can provide an extra layer of security to any area, as well as help identify potential intruders. 

With our CCTV Canterbury, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your loved ones and possessions as you’ll receive notifications in real-time warning you of any suspicious activity. 

By investing in CCTV, you can keep an extra eye on your premises effortlessly. 

FutureTech Security solutions provide professional, high-quality CCTV installation in Kent. Get in touch today for a free quote: 01634940700

Quality CCTV Canterbury

CCTV installation is a great solution for providing extra security to homes or businesses. Our systems come with features such as 24/7 monitoring, high-resolution recordings, and alert notifications, allowing users to have peace of mind. 

As the installation is carried out by our highly skilled professionals, they’re able to tailor your setup to suit your specific needs. 

Our customers can keep an eye on their property even when they’re away from home or the office, being able to check in via an app makes it incredibly easy to make sure everything is in order. 

CRB Checked

All of our employees are highly qualified and background-checked to ensure the job is done properly and safely.


We tailor our security systems to suit your individual requirements so please get in touch today!


Keeping your family and assets safe is important. Our CCTV systems are designed to do just that. 

High Standard CCTV Canterbury

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for just one CCTV camera to be installed or protecting your whole workplace, we can provide a solution for everyone. Your new CCTV system will be accessible from anywhere in the world, so you can make sure everything is running smoothly even when you’re on holiday.

What is cctv?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system of video surveillance used to monitor and record activity in areas with restricted access. It is primarily used for security purposes, such as preventing theft or watching over public areas. CCTV can be used both indoors and outdoors, being hooked up to a recording device which captures footage that can be monitored remotely in real-time by security personnel, or stored on the hard drive for later review. In some instances, CCTV cameras have also been found to be useful in other aspects such as traffic analysis or crowd control.

The cameras themselves come with different features that add extra levels of protection to the user’s needs; motion detectors are available for increased awareness of suspicious movements, low light technology ensures clearer vision even at night time and digital zoom allows operators to get closer looks at certain points of interest from afar.

About Canterbury

Canterbury is a city in the county of Kent. Its located on the River Stour and has a population of around 55,000 people. The city is renowned for its historical and religious importance and was even once owned by the Church of England.

Canterbury Cathedral dates back to 597 AD, although it was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1067, since then it’s been rebuilt several times. Other landmarks in the city include the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and the Canterbury Roman Museum.