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automated gates in Reading

Explore high-quality security with our automated gates in Reading. Combining advanced technology and premium craftsmanship, we deliver unmatched safety and convenience. Improve your property security with our tailored installations.

premium automated gates in Reading

Effortlessly control our automated gates through a user-friendly app, eliminating the need for manual operation. Whether in close proximity or from a distance, easily open or close the gate. This modernised access improves overall security and convenience.

Emphasising safety, our automated gates are equipped with sensors that detect nearby objects. Automatic reversal upon detecting obstacles ensures accident prevention, prioritising the safety of your family, especially children.

Trust in the durability and security benefits of our automated gates with minimal maintenance requirements. Investing in gate automation in Reading guarantees reliable protection and added convenience for enduring peace of mind.

Can automated gates be installed on existing gate structures?

Yes, installation on existing structures is possible. The feasibility depends on factors like gate condition, construction, and clearances, which we thoroughly assess during on-site evaluations.

How do automated gates handle inclines in driveways?

Automated gates are adaptable to inclined driveways. Solutions include swing gates opening away from the property or sliding gates. The choice depends on available space.

What maintenance is required for automated gates in Reading?

Automated gates typically require minimal maintenance. Regular inspections, lubrication, and ensuring sensors function correctly contribute to long-term reliability. Our service plans ensure optimal gate performance.


Our gates function as a robust barrier, guaranteeing full privacy by obstructing visual access from onlookers and passersby.


Instantly secure your property using our app or remote control, ensuring immediate protection.


Effortlessly open the gate from your vehicle, guaranteeing quick and hassle-free entry.

visually appealing

Our gates offer robust strength while elevating the visual aesthetics of your property.

House Value

An automated gate serves as a lasting investment, appreciating your property’s value over time.

Lower Premiums

Boost home security for potential insurer acknowledgement, potentially resulting in valuable rewards.

Secure Your Property Today with Automated Gates

Explore the reliability of our automated gates. Contact us for tailored solutions, that enhance security effortlessly.
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Make your business safe with automated gates in Reading

Improve your business security with automated gates. Our solutions offer unparalleled protection, streamline access, act as a deterrent to unauthorised entry, and enhance property value. Invest in the safeguarding and efficiency of your business premises.


Leveraging two decades of security systems experience, we create custom solutions to match your unique requirements. Rely on our seasoned expertise for personalised security solutions.

CRB Checked

Our CRB-checked team, with decades of industry experience, ensures your security needs are in capable hands. Trust our skilled professionals for all your security requirements.


Providing top-tier security solutions, we prioritise the safety of your family and assets. Our services cater to the security needs of both residential and commercial settings.

Our Working Locations For Gate Automation

Situated in Kent, we extend our services across an 80-mile radius, working in most of South East England.

Our coverage includes areas such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Our Working Locations

Based in Kent, we work to an 80-mile radius around Kent. We will cover most of South East England. 

Locations such as:

If you would like to see if we can come work to where you are located, feel free to contact us on 01634 940 700.

Common Questions we get asked

Explore common inquiries regarding automated gates in Reading.

From planning permission and system suitability to automating existing gates, reliability, and maintenance, find informative answers for making well-informed decisions.

Can automated gates be installed on uneven or sloping terrain?

Yes, automated gates are adaptable to varied terrains. We assess slope gradients during site visits to recommend suitable solutions, ensuring effective and secure installations.

Do automated gates work during power outages?

Yes, quality installations include manual release keys for power outages. Some systems offer battery backup options. Manual release facilities are standard, providing continued functionality in power failures.

How often should automated gates be serviced?

Routine service intervals depend on gate usage and environmental factors. Generally, annual servicing is recommended to ensure optimal performance, safety, and longevity. Our service plans cater to varied needs.

Are there restrictions on gate design for automated systems?

While some gate designs may pose challenges, our experts assess factors like weight, construction, and clearances to recommend suitable automated systems. Customisation options ensure compatibility with diverse designs.

How do automated gates contribute to property value?

Automated gates enhance curb appeal, security, and convenience, positively impacting property value. The modern and secure features they offer are attractive to potential buyers, making them a valuable investment.

Looking for premium cctv services?

Improve your security with our cutting-edge CCTV service.

Our advanced surveillance solutions offer 24/7 monitoring, ensuring the continual safety of your property.

Reach out to us for a personalised CCTV consultation tailored to your needs.