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Enhance your property’s security with Future Tech Security’s advanced alarms in Kent. Our systems offer real-time monitoring, smart home integration, and 24/7 protection, ensuring your peace of mind.

Threat Deterrence

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24/7 Monitoring

We Specialise in bespoke alarms in Kent

Safeguard your property with Future Tech Security’s cutting-edge alarms in Kent. We provide expert installation, smooth smart home integration, and continuous monitoring, ensuring your home or business stays secure around the clock.

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Reach out to us at 01634 940700 for a free consultation on our alarms in Kent. Trust Future Tech Security for reliable protection of your property.

The benefits of getting security alarms installed

Discover the top advantages of installing alarms in Kent. Our advanced systems provide enhanced security, immediate threat detection, and seamless integration with smart home technology for comprehensive protection.

Intruder Detection

Our alarms instantly detect unauthorised access, triggering immediate alerts and enabling fast action to prevent intrusions and protect your property.

Smart Home Integration

Seamlessly integrate our alarms with your smart home devices, offering centralised control and enhanced functionality for comprehensive home security.

Real-Time Monitoring

Enjoy 24/7 professional monitoring services that ensure any security breaches are promptly addressed, providing continuous protection and peace of mind.

Customisable Alert Options

Choose from various alert options, including smartphone notifications, emails, and direct calls, to stay informed of any security events in real time.

Remote Access and Control

Control and monitor your alarm system remotely via a mobile app, allowing you to manage your property's security from anywhere in the world.

Increased Property Value

Installing advanced alarm systems can boost your property's market value, making it more appealing to potential buyers and tenants.

Our Fast Process for your security

Experience a hassle-free installation with Future Tech Security.

From initial consultation to professional installation and ongoing support, our experts ensure your alarm system is perfectly tailored to your security needs.


We start with a thorough consultation to assess your security needs and customise an alarm system tailored to protect your property effectively.

Custom System Design

Our experts design a comprehensive alarm system, incorporating advanced technology and ensuring seamless integration with existing security measures for optimal protection.

Professional Installation

Certified technicians install the alarm system with precision, ensuring all components are optimally positioned and fully operational for immediate use.

Support and Maintenance

Post-installation, we provide continuous support and maintenance, including regular system checks and 24/7 monitoring to ensure long-term reliability and security.

Bespoke alarms designed for commercial use

Protect your business with Future Tech Security’s advanced alarm systems tailored for commercial properties. Our solutions provide security, preventing unauthorised access, safeguarding assets, and ensuring the safety of employees and customers. Trust us for reliable and scalable commercial security.


Office Complexes

Industrial Facilities

Take Control of Your Security Today!

Boost your property’s protection with our cutting-edge alarms in Kent.

Contact Future Tech Security at 01634 940700 for a free consultation and discover tailored solutions to safeguard your home or business effectively.

Your Top Questions About Alarms Answered

Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions about our advanced alarm systems in Kent. Learn how our solutions can enhance your security and provide peace of mind.

How do alarm systems work to protect my property?

Alarm systems protect your property by using a network of sensors to detect unauthorised entry, smoke, fire, or environmental changes such as flooding. When a sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to the control panel, which then activates the alarm. This can include sounding a siren, sending notifications to your smartphone, or alerting a professional monitoring service. The immediate response helps to deter intruders and alert you and authorities to potential threats.

What are the different types of alarms available?

There are several types of alarms available, each designed to address specific security needs:

  • Burglar Alarms: Detect unauthorised entry through doors, windows, and motion sensors.
  • Fire Alarms: Sense smoke, heat, or flames and alert occupants to evacuate.
  • Panic Alarms: Allow individuals to manually trigger an alert in emergency situations.
  • Perimeter Alarms: Protect the outer boundaries of a property using infrared beams and motion detectors.
  • Environmental Alarms: Detect changes in environmental conditions such as flooding, extreme temperatures, or gas leaks.

How do smart alarms integrate with home automation systems?

Smart alarms can integrate with home automation systems to provide centralised control and enhanced functionality. Through a single interface, you can manage various aspects of your home security, such as arming and disarming the alarm, viewing live camera feeds, and receiving real-time notifications. Integration with other smart devices like lights, locks, and thermostats can create automated routines that enhance security and convenience, such as turning on lights when motion is detected.

What should I consider when choosing an alarm system for my property?

When choosing an alarm system, consider the following factors:

  • Type of Property: Determine if the system is for a residential, commercial, or industrial property.
  • Specific Security Needs: Assess the types of threats you want to protect against, such as burglary, fire, or environmental hazards.
  • Budget: Define your budget for installation, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • Features and Customisation: Look for systems that offer customisable features like remote access, integration with smart home devices, and various sensor types.
  • Professional Installation and Support: Ensure the provider offers professional installation and ongoing support for maintenance and troubleshooting.

How often should I test and maintain my alarm system?

Regular testing and maintenance of your alarm system are crucial for ensuring its effectiveness. It is recommended to:

  • Test Monthly: Conduct monthly tests to check that all sensors and alarms are functioning correctly. Most systems have a test mode that allows you to verify operation without triggering a full alarm.
  • Annual Professional Inspections: Schedule annual inspections with a professional to perform a comprehensive check of all components, including sensors, control panels, and batteries.
  • Software Updates: Keep the system’s software and firmware up-to-date to ensure it is protected against new threats and vulnerabilities.

Can alarm systems be upgraded or expanded as my security needs change?

Yes, most modern alarm systems are designed to be scalable and flexible, allowing you to upgrade or expand your system as your security needs change. You can add additional sensors, cameras, and other components to enhance coverage and functionality. For example, if you initially install a basic burglar alarm, you can later integrate fire alarms, environmental sensors, and smart home devices. Working with a professional security provider like Future Tech Security ensures that your system can grow and adapt to meet your evolving security requirements.

Where We Work...

At Future Tech Security, we are committed to providing comprehensive security solutions. Our expert team operates throughout the UK, delivering tailored security alarm systems to meet the unique needs of each client.

Secure your property with our advanced security systems. Reach out to us at 01634 940700 or email us at info@futuretechsecurity.co.uk for a free consultation.

Where We Work...

At Future Tech Security, we are committed to providing comprehensive security solutions. Our expert team operates throughout the UK, delivering tailored security alarm systems to meet the unique needs of each client.

Secure your property with our advanced security systems. Reach out to us at 01634 940700 or email us at info@futuretechsecurity.co.uk for a free consultation.

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