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Professional Security Systems

With over 20 years experience at providing domestic and commercial security systems, Future Tech Security Solutions is a good option for you. All our systems include full integration & can be used in conjunction with each other to create a bespoke security system. It’s always best to speak to experienced professionals when dealing with your peace of mind! 

Want to find out the crime statistics in your area?

Don’t wait until you’re a victim of crime to improve your security.

Check the crime rate statistics in your area as this directly correlates the chance of you being a victim in the future.

Most opportunist criminals know what to look for when deciding which property they’re going to target.  

Your property could have the tell tale signs that advertise to criminals that you’re an easy target.

Secure Your Property Today!

Futuretech is a leading security company in the South East, but it has an impeccable reputation over the country. Our ambition is to ensure all our clients can rest easy knowing their property is secure.

We have up-to-date technology by which we can secure your house, company, or premises. We are collaborating with well-established security equipment manufacturers in order to provide the most up-to-date security systems available.

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Our Services

We’re one of the leading security installers based in the South East of England. We have the ability to provide a fully comprehensive assessment of your circumstances, domestic or commercial, and offer expert advice on the best options available to you. Offering a wide range of services within the security industry, we are able to offer a one-stop solution to all the security needs you have. 

Future Tech Security Solutions - CCTV Camera Installation on a Pole

CCTV Systems

From single cameras protecting your office at home to full site monitoring including key holder and response services, we will be able to provide comprehensive cover. Your CCTV system can be directed to monitor important assets or access points. 

Alarms Systems

Your alarm system package can include monitoring and key holder services, through to engaging police response where required. This monitoring of your property combines well with our range of  CCTV systems, so you can be sure there are eyes on what matters to you most.

Future Tech Alarm
Future Tech Security - London Security Systems - Gate Automation

Gate Automation

Automated gates are designed to enhance security and add value to your property. Our top of the range products feature the durability and style that homeowners and commercial customers alike are looking for, and can effectively protect the perimeter of your property.

Fibre Optics

Known as “ Structured Cabling & Data systems”…
Data cables are key to business IT infrastructure and are always evolving to allow for greater speeds to ensure your business is running efficiently and you are receiving the best connection speeds wherever you are. 

Future Tech Security - London Security Systems - Fibre Optics
Paxton Net2 Entry

Access Control

Have you ever heard a knock on the door and needed to know who was there before you answer? We provide peace of mind and make you safe in the knowledge of your caller before you need to leave the comfort of your living room, with our integrated intercoms systems.

What's our process?

We’ll make upgrading & understanding security systems simple & easy. The process we outline below works for the majority of requirements we deal with. However, on occasion we appreciate things may require additional steps in order to be sure both parties are comfortable with the project ahead.

  • 1. Book A Appointment

    Use our contact form to request a call, or call us directly for any advise you need. If we feel we can help, we'll schedule you in for a site survey with one of our Engineers.

  • 2. Site Survey / Consultation

    Our Engineers will conduct a survey of the property and understand the potential risks you are aiming to protect against. The aim of the survey is to understand your requirement in detail and gather the information of the current set-up in order to give you the best advise.

  • 3. Expert Advice

    Based on the information provided during the Survey, our Engineer will then present the best options available within your budget and explain in detail the improvements the security upgrade will offer you.

  • 4. Installation & Training

    If you decide to proceed with our recommendation, we'll book you in for an installation at a time convenient for you. There will be minimum disruption to your property and once complete, we'll talk you through the new system. Training will be provided on the day.

  • 5. Ongoing Support

    We'll be here to provide support to our customers long after the initial installation. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch for ongoing support or additional training. Equipment supplied may come with manufacturers warranty.